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Medicaid called a Humanitarian Catastrophe

March 11, 2011 | Filed Under Insurance | Comments Off

Interesting study by University of  Virginia exposes perhaps greatest danger to your health: Medicaid.

In a recent article on, Avik Roy draws attention to some alarming statistics regarding the quality of care Medicaid patients receive.

“We spend half a trillion dollars every year to provide the poor with worse care than is gained by the uninsured. How is this even possible? To get your mind around the problem, you need to understand one thing: access to health insurance is not the same thing as access to health care.”

“Patients on Medicare were 45% more likely to die than those with private insurance; the uninsured were 74% more likely; and Medicaid patients 93% more likely. That is to say, despite the fact that we will soon spend more than $500 billion a year on Medicaid, Medicaid beneficiaries, on average, fared worse than those with no insurance at all.”

The study conducted by the University of Virginia in 2010 is the main source of Mr. Roy’s assessment of Medicaid.

Mr. Roy concluded by  saying, “Private insurance outperforms Medicaid by a wide margin. Allowing the poor to control their own health dollars is the best way to help them lead longer, healthier lives….But anyone who genuinely cares about the welfare of the poor should help make it so.”

Please check out the full article at

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